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While there are many hair extensions options out there, when it comes to finding a long-lasting hair transformation, sew-in hair extensions are the way to go. Sew-in hair is the most permanent and seamless hair extension option, and it does not require glue or painful clips.

Sew-ins, also known as weaves, cannot be applied at home. It is important and necessary to find a professional hairstylist you can trust to sew-in your weave. The talented team of experts at Cammie’s Spectacular Salon has been applying sew-in extensions for years. We have the skillful hands and beautiful products you need to make your hair goals a reality.

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Our Experienced Sew-In Hair Professionals

It takes years of skill and practice to successfully and seamlessly apply a weave. Luckily all of our stylists are trained with top techniques and will ensure that your sew-in hair is made to last.

Sew-in hair extensions are applied by tightly braiding the client’s natural hair and then intricately using a needle and thread to sew each weft onto the scalp. It is a timely process that can take up to a few hours, but our passionate team will make sure you are comfortable for the duration of the styling.

Beautiful Sew-In Options for Different Styles and Budgets

Because weaves are sewed directly to the head, they often work best for those who have very thick hair. They are especially fantastic for kinky and curly hair textures.

Weaves tend to be made from high-quality human hair because they are often left in for a longer duration than other extensions. Weave human hair extensions will look and feel like natural hair!

For a more affordable yet beautiful option, we also have synthetic sew-ins that can be used and applied in the same way.

Booking a Sew-In Hair Appointment with Us Is Simple

Each new client will get a personal consultation. The consultation will give our team the chance to look at your hair and talk to you about different sew-in options. Working with you closely will help us to guarantee that we are giving you a style that works for you and your budget.

To book your appointment, call us or come by in person.

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If you want to transform your hair without using harsh heat or chemicals, sew-in hair is a fantastic option for you.

With beautiful products, dedicated stylists and unbeatable prices, you will be happy you chose us for your sew-in hair application.

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