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Are you searching for a semi-permanent way to straighten your hair and rid it of frizz? A hair relaxing treatment might be the solution you need!

At Cammie’s Spectacular Salon we have been specializing in chemical hair relaxer treatments for years. Our expert knowledge and experience mean that your locks will be in the best hands possible with our fabulous team.

Although hair relaxing treatments are sold in stores, the health of your hair depends on you getting the treatment done at an expert salon. A salon hair relaxing treatment will look and feel way better!

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Our Hair Relaxer Treatment Experts

Our talented and creative team of stylists specialize in working with a variety of kinky, curly and coiled hair textures, meaning we have become experts in relaxer treatments over the years. Our clients are always thrilled with their soft, beautiful results.

Some of the benefits of getting your hair relaxed at our salon include:

  • Customized Treatment – We will provide an in-depth consultation with you about your hair health and goals. We will then be able to determine which chemical hair relaxer is suitable for your hair and which hydrating products should be used.
  • Strand Testing – We will provide you with a strand test to test the strength and health of your natural locks.
  • Scalp Treatment – We can provide a scalp protecting treatment before the relaxation to protect your scalp from irritation.
  • Conditioning Products – We have only the best post-relaxer conditioning products in the industry to protect your hair and keep it soft.
  • Nutrient Replacement – Our treatment plans include using protein-rich products to replace the nutrients that have been lost by the chemical treatment.

Relaxing Treatment for Curly Hair

Our hair salon relaxer process always starts with a consultation. This allows us to determine the texture and health of your hair and what type of relaxer treatment it can handle. We will then section off the hair, apply the relaxer, and finish with a shampoo and deep conditioning.

It is important to note that some maintenance goes into having a hair relaxing treatment, including:

  • Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Taking care to condition your hair regularly
  • Eluding to apply heat or added strain to your hair

If appropriately maintained, a relaxer treatment can last as long as 8-16 weeks!

Hair Relaxing Treatment Appointments Are Simple

Booking an appointment with our fabulous team could not be easier. Simply call us or stop by the salon today to book your consultation. If you have any questions regarding different hair relaxing treatments, any member of our knowledgeable staff can answer them for you.

What are you waiting for? High-quality, affordable salon hair relaxing treatments are within reach.

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Curly, kinky, and coiled hair textures require delicate and customized care. Lucky for you, these hair textures are our specialty.

With comprehensive consultation processes, expert stylists, and modern, top of the line products, we are the salon to make your hair relaxing dreams come true!

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